STD Clinical Consultation Network


The Clinical Consultation Service is intended for licensed healthcare professionals and STD program staff. We do not provide direct medical care, treatment planning, or medical treatment services to individuals. Consultations are based on information provided by the caller without the benefit of a direct evaluation/examination of the patient, and as such, do not constitute medical advice, are intended to be used only as a guide.

The information provided through the Clinical Consultation Service is not a replacement for local expertise or your state STD program protocols. Information is offered as clinical decision support, is advisory in nature and is not intended to replace local healthcare decision-making or provision. Requestors are free to disregard any advice offered. Final clinical decisions are the sole responsibility of the healthcare provider.

STD CCN is conducting a PILOT HOTLINE for syphilis in pregnancy and congenital syphilis for the state of CALIFORNIA only. All other STD CCN warmline inquires will be answered in the usual timeframe of 1 to 5 days.